Katerina Glover

Katerina Glover is the brand created with a view to fulfilling the expectations of trendy, active and aspiring women who in today’s world of mass production search for the originality and  offbeat in fashion. We put emphasis on product design and quality. On our website you will find women’s wear collections in limited series, and often one-off pieces of unique and exceptional models of reputable designers and manufacturers.

We are able to offer attractive outfits in all available sizes from XS to XXL, thus enabling every woman to express fully her individual personality through the garment adequate to her style.  Explore our website and discover the latest collections of subdued and extravagant garments, addressed to women who appreciate elegance or prefer crazy fashion trends. Against the background of other brands available on the market, we are undoubtedly distinguished by high quality, unique designs and good workmanship.

With a view to satisfy the most requiring tastes, we follow the latest trends, choosing the most attractive models perfectly harmonizing with each other and suitable both for the workplace and for evening party. Client satisfaction is our top priority, so don’t wait  and become Katerina Glover’s next satisfied client!

Invitation to cooperation. We invite to cooperation the shops interested in widening their stock by new products.

Collection 2017/2018

Katerina Glover women\\\'s wear collections are being designed for the modern woman. A strong-minded woman who values her own individuality, luxury and comfort. A unique combination of the classic and avant-garde forms a surprisingly harmonious whole that intrigues and seduces.

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